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To Seek or not to Seek? Job Searching during the Holidays

Thinking of putting your job search on hold over the holidays? If you’ve been searching for a job lately (and it seems like everyone is) it may seem like a good time to take a break from the exhaustive cycle of perusing job ads and submitting resumes.

Instead of pausing your search completely we suggest taking a different approach. While recruiters and hiring managers may have already put on their Out Of Office message, now is the perfect time to take care of a few things you may not have gotten to just yet.

Learn something new

Upskill by taking a course over the holiday break. This is a great way to keep your skills current and get your brain working in a different way. Connect with others in the class and do a little networking on the side too! Check out these courses - most are free!

Reconnect and network

The holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with former colleagues by sending holiday greetings. Add a new skill to your LinkedIn profile and let your network know about it.

Communicate with recruiters and hiring managers

If you’ve had an interview lately, you might be apprehensive about taking time off. What if I miss a really important email? If you plan to take some time off, let recruiters know now when you plan to be “back in town” so they know when to reach you.

Reflect and Celebrate

Even if you’re not currently working, give yourself a performance review. Take some time to reflect and celebrate your accomplishments this year. Assessing (with an eye towards empathy) where you are could lead you to take a new direction next year.

Enjoy the downtime

As the economy begins to rebound from the pandemic the New Year is expected to be busy. Enjoy some much needed downtime while you can. Commit to taking a few days for self care and enjoy the holiday season.

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