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Get Organized! 5 Best Note-Taking Apps

Get Organized! Perfect your note-taking skills.

In our Working Remotely series we share tips and advice for advancing your career in a digital work world.

If you’ve been on back to back Zoom calls the past two years it’s likely you’ve needed to take notes to track various projects you are working on. It’s been proven that note-taking enhances focus and attention to detail and promotes active memory recall. In addition, note-taking helps you prioritize the most important points in any meeting or class, which is essential for following up with colleagues.

One of the best benefits of note-taking is that it can actually increase your creativity. Once your ideas are organized you can use your own initiative which expands creativity and innovation.

Now is the time to up your game note-taking wise. The art of effective note-taking is alive and well, and has gone digital. No more perusing through notebooks covered in coffee stains to try to recall tasks assigned to you (yikes!).

Check out our curated list of the best note-taking apps available on Apple and Android.

Bear is perfect for everything from quick notes to in-depth essays. A focus mode helps you concentrate, and advanced markup options are an online writer's best friend. Full in-line image support brings your writing to life.

Agenda is a date-focused note taking app for both planning and documenting your projects and is for anyone wanting well organized and easily navigable notes that help drive your projects forward.

Tame your work, organize your life with Evernote. Remember everything and tackle any project with your notes, tasks and schedule all in one place.

Noted is a fully integrated audio and note-taking app and is perfect for syncing across all your devices.

If you’re looking for something simple then look no further than Simplenote, an app that keeps all your notes, synced on all your devices. It’s comprehensive but very easy to use.

This article is part of our Working Remotely series; job search and career advice for your digital work world.

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