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Job Search Tips For New Grads - Avoid the Dreaded Resume Gap Discussion

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

This time of year is usually a time of joy and celebration as new graduates look forward to starting that coveted internship or new job they worked so hard to get.

This year is different though; We've all heard stories of companies postponing internships or rescinding job offers leaving many to wonder what's next...

A poor economy will drastically affect new graduates job prospects and those who do land jobs during a recession may take a lower salary than their counterparts whose careers start in good economies.

Take a look at who's hiring right now! including Amazon, Fidelity, JP Morgan and FedEX.

While these companies may or may not have been on your Top Ten List it's worth keeping in mind that companies like hiring people who actually want to work.

Tip for Today - there are many new skills you can learn on the job that you can use while searching for your Dream Job such as improving your communication or customer service skills, and networking. Volunteering at a non-profit is a great way to get on the job experience even if you are not actually getting paid to work and let's face it, many non-profits need all the help they can get right now so pay it forward! Plus, it avoids the dreaded "gap on your resume" discussion with recruiters.

The key takeaway here is to do something productive this summer, whether it's learning a new skill, helping out at the family business or volunteering, all will help you in your job search. We'll continuing sharing lists of companies that are hiring and tips on ways to improve your chances of getting hired as part of a series of blog posts.

Our Career Coaches can help you with a resume review, cover letters and interview preparation to help you land that Dream Job. As a show of support for all new grads we are offering 20% off a coaching session all summer long with promo code New grad.

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