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#Work From Anywhere - Time To Make a Jump?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

The pandemic continues to disrupt the way we live and work with millions of people now working remotely from home until it’s deemed safe to re-enter the office. While many companies are implementing office social distancing protocols tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter are once again taking the lead and are allowing workers to #wfh until 2021.

With rents in major cities such as New York and San Francisco at record highs many workers living there are now thinking about moving to less densely populated cities with a lower cost of living. A new survey from Zillow found that 66% would consider moving if they had the flexibility to #wfh as often as they want.

#wfh presents a huge opportunity to work for a company you may not have previously considered due to geographic location. Workers engaged in digital employment are more likely to consider themselves effective while working remotely.

Making a career transition or exploring a new industry can be a daunting prospect but with industries such as retail and hospitality taking a significant hit during the pandemic it’s time to consider your future career options and think beyond going back to your old job if and when the time comes.

With geographic location no longer a barrier to applying to many companies still hiring now could be a good time to make a jump to something new.

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