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Shatter the Zoom Ceiling

Could the Zoom ceiling become the new glass ceiling?

In our Working Remotely series we share tips and advice for advancing your career in a digital work world.

Remote workers are concerned there may be a bias favoring in-office workers which can prevent remote workers from getting recognition, promotions and leadership positions they deserve.

Even if your company has introduced hybrid working arrangements there may still be cause for concern particularly for women who are more likely to prefer remote work. According to a survey by FlexJobs which found that 68% of women preferred to work remotely compared to 57% of men.

Don’t let “out of sight out of mind” syndrome affect your career.

While you may be perfectly happy doing the exact job you are doing, be sure that you are getting the recognition you deserve while working remotely. This recognition includes a positive performance review, a pay raise, getting choice assignments or a promotion.