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Shatter the Zoom Ceiling

Could the Zoom ceiling become the new glass ceiling?

In our Working Remotely series we share tips and advice for advancing your career in a digital work world.

Remote workers are concerned there may be a bias favoring in-office workers which can prevent remote workers from getting recognition, promotions and leadership positions they deserve.

Even if your company has introduced hybrid working arrangements there may still be cause for concern particularly for women who are more likely to prefer remote work. According to a survey by FlexJobs which found that 68% of women preferred to work remotely compared to 57% of men.

Don’t let “out of sight out of mind” syndrome affect your career.

While you may be perfectly happy doing the exact job you are doing, be sure that you are getting the recognition you deserve while working remotely. This recognition includes a positive performance review, a pay raise, getting choice assignments or a promotion.

5 Tips for advancing your career while working remotely

Stay visible and keep in touch

At the beginning of the pandemic many managers had daily team meetings which quickly became overwhelming to many workers. Since then, many managers have relaxed the need for frequent check ins so there’s less virtual face time.

By now, it’s all too easy to hunker down and focus on completing day to day tasks. Be sure your manager knows what you’re working on. Send a weekly progress update to keep in touch. Send a “good morning” DM once in a while or share your weekend plans to maintain friendly relations with your coworkers.

Maintain a consistent schedule

For sure, one of the reasons remote workers like working remotely is the flexible schedule. But if your working hours are not in sync with those of your coworkers or they don’t know your schedule it could raise some issues.

Be sure to communicate your working hours to your team and let them know if you’re going to be away from your desk. Many platforms such as Slack and Zoom allow you to set your status as “away” or “online” so your team knows when to reach you.

Keep up appearances

Wear clothing that’s in line with your workplace norms. If you’re in a client facing role, you may be expected to dress formally.

If sweats are acceptable for in office workers then great, wear them. If not, wear clothing that’s in line with your workplace culture or profession.

Set up an ergonomic workspace

A good ergonomic workspace is essential for long term remote work. Create your home office haven with these tips.

Network just as you would in office

Don’t use remote work as an excuse to stay under the radar. Take the time to welcome new coworkers. Set up a virtual coffee or lunch, or offer to help show them the ropes.

Lean In

Continue to deliver on your projects and deadlines. Volunteer for stretch assignments, mentor a new coworker or to take on new responsibilities.

Be an ally to other remote workers. Support each other by finding ways to help one another out, co-chairing a committee or partnering on a project. Speak up in meetings and make your voice heard. If you’re interrupted, interject and say you’d like to finish speaking.

Use our Year of You planner to create your career vision and plot your next career move.

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This article is part of our Working Remotely series; job search and career advice for your digital work world.

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