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Pivoting to a New Career? Must do steps.

Updated: 6 days ago

Pivoting to a new career can be daunting for many reasons, not least financially. Will I get the same salary? Will I have to begin at the bottom of the ladder and work my way up – again? These are just some of the questions our coaches get asked every day.

Whether you are mid career and in search of new challenges, were laid off and seeking opportunities in a new field, want to make more money or just plain bored, beginning a new career takes time and dedication – treat it like a project. Use our Making a Career Pivot eGuide to get started.

Assess your skills “gap”

Take stock of your accomplishments and skills. List out what are you best at, what do you love doing?

Search for keywords in job postings for the field or position you want to move to. Then, create a second list of the skills and education needed to succeed in your new career.