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Make 2022 The Year of You

2022 is truly a wonderful time to make this the Year of You. If you’ve spent the last few months (or even years) stagnating in your role or simply dreaming of moving to the next level or getting paid what you’re worth, there’s no better time to turn your dream into a reality.

Employers are spending more time to attract and retain employees than ever before, wages are rising, hybrid or remote opportunities are plentiful without having to negotiate or reveal details about your personal life.

By now we’ve all read stories of people who’ve been part of the Great Resignation, landed their dream role and got a boost in salary while doing it. Before you take the leap we have some tips to help you decide your next career move.

Career Vision

You need a vision that supports where you want to go before you begin plotting your next move.

Ask yourself a few key questions. What stage of your career are you in? What kind of projects do you want to work on? What energizes you? What companies are aligned with your values? What kind of pace best suits you – sprint or marathon?

Make a List

Make a list of the things you like about your job as well as the things that make you want a change. This will help you determine what you do and don’t want in your next position as well as resisting the temptation to start responding to job ads right away.

What are the things you complain about? Salary, lack of opportunity for growth, feeling unrecognized, the job no longer challenges you? Write down what it would take for you to make a move to a new position.

Consider an internal move

Love the company but hate your boss or the job? Most companies would much rather retain a valued employee even if they don’t have 100% of the skills needed in a different role.

Check out internal job postings to see what transferable skills you may have. Talk to others who’ve held the same job to learn more about the day to day. If others on your team have left already, now could be a great time to ask for a promotion or pay raise.

Set Boundaries

Review your list – only submit resumes to companies that seem to fit most of your needs. Don’t feel obligated to respond to recruiters who’ve contacted you for a role that’s not a good fit in the hopes they’ll keep your resume on file. Most recruiters focus on filling open positions they have right now and don’t have the time to attend to your career aspirations.

An exception is if the recruiter specializes in a certain industry or job type you’re interested in such as tech or finance. In that case, let the recruiter know what you’re looking for and then keep in touch.


Even in a candidate driven job market, most jobs are still found through networking versus submitting applications. Move your search forward by letting your connections know you’re open to new opportunities. It can be a simple “I’ve always wanted …or I’m interested in ” to get the conversation started.

Know Your Worth

Use a salary calculator to help determine your value in the job market. Do your research and be realistic about your worth. Recruiters are more likely to engage in negotiation if you are within a reasonable ballpark of the budgeted salary range.

Consider any bonuses or stock options on offer in addition to base salary. Don’t overlook employer paid benefits and retirement plan contributions. Higher benefits costs can eat into that salary increase; conversely a bigger 401(k) contribution can make a huge difference to your long-term wealth building.

Take Your Time

Taking the time to really think about what’s best for you before you wade into a job search will help you find a more fulfilling position.

Use our Year of You planner to create your career vision and plot your next career move.

This article is part of our Career Moves series; advice and guidance to help you achieve your career aspirations.

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