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Is Working From Home More Productive? 6 Apps You Need

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Is Working From Home More Productive? In our Working Remotely series we share tips and advice for staying healthy and productive in a digital work world.

Working remotely from home or anywhere gives you the opportunity to organize your time differently and more effectively according to your own work rhythms.

While many managers fear that remote workers are not actually working, it may be they are simply working more productively – spending less time chatting at the water cooler and more time working efficiently which allows for some reflective downtime to research a new project or recharge for the next day.

In office interruptions can make it hard to get anything done yet it can leave you feeling exhausted. As a home office worker you will likely find a rhythm that suits you whether it’s starting at 5am and taking a long siesta after lunch or breaking down your day into scheduled blocks of time such as checking email and having meetings in the mornings and doing learning or research in the afternoons. Companies are gradually realizing that they are paying for results not time so anything goes as long as you get the work done well.

We've sourced some of the best #wfh apps to keep you healthy and productive while working from home or working from anywhere.

Noisli Work. Study. Relax. Mix different sounds of background noise with anything from the hum of your “co-workers chatting” to the sound of rainfall create your ideal working and relaxing environment.

Asana Organize your projects on the go, respond to shifting priorities and deadlines and stay on track.

Expensify An expense tracking tool is a must have for freelancers, solopreneurs and small businesses. Expensify automates the entire receipt and expense management for you.

Toggl Time tracking. Learn how much your time is worth and where you can make smarter choices on where and how to spend your time.

Wakeout No time to exercise? Turns your downtime into active time, 30 seconds at a time, at your desk, your living room, or wherever.

Breathe Find your inner calm with short mindful, breathing and yoga exercises.

This article is part of our Working Remotely series; empowering you with job search and career advice for your digital work world.

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