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Get Hired Remotely - Create an Eye Catching LinkedIn Profile

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

In our Get Hired Remotely series we share tips and advice for getting hired in a digital work world.

Companies are hiring remotely and a strong digital presence is key in networking and applying to jobs now. According to a survey by Handshake 51% of job seekers are planning to update their online profiles and 41% are planning to network online.

Many employers use key word searches and target specific details on a profile so having an engaging and detailed online profile is a must. To make your profile stand out, add your achievements, awards, and memberships unique to you.

Your Headline - Make it Eye-Catching

Your headline is your first introduction to recruiters and needs to say what you do or what you want to do using key words that instantly get attention. Describing yourself as a “Digital Producer – It’s the world we live in” makes you sound of the moment and kind of cool.

Your Photo - No "blah" headshots