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Get Hired Remotely - Responding to Recruiter Messages

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

In our Get Hired Remotely series we share tips and advice for getting hired in a digital work world. By now you’ve updated your master resume and you’ve created an eye-catching LinkedIn profile with plenty of relevant keywords to get the attention of a recruiter or recruiting bot.

Recruiters love messaging people via LinkedIn and other sites because it’s quick and easy. Connecting with a recruiter is a great way to learn about new jobs and events. Here are some tips for wowing recruiters when they message you.

Researchtake a minute to research the recruiter and the company before responding

We know… When you need a job in a hurry it’s tempting to respond right away to express interest. However, if you respond too soon you may not have enough info to keep them engaged. Pro Tip– recruiters are the fastest typists in town and will move on quickly if they sense you’re not a fit.

Take a (short) beat to check out the LinkedIn profile of the recruiter, do you have any contacts in common? If you’re not familiar with the company check them out online – a quick look at their Glassdoor reviews will tell you a lot of what you want to know about company size, culture, compensation and benefits.

Respond – quickly and