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Book Club Pick - The Simplicity Principle

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Modern work life is more complicated than it used to be; learn how to keep things lean, simple and focused.

The Simplicity Principle by Julia Hobsbawm, challenges the assumption that all things that are complex.

In this book, learn about infobesity, the data overload that actually reduces your brains ability to function. Multi-tasking is a myth and constant connectivity is bad for our health.

The author offers six rules of disengagement to gain clarity around living simply in a digital world.

Monotask, don’t multi-task.Done one thing at a time, giving it your full focus.

Just Say No.Limit what you agree to do, because saying yes to everything is exhausting.

Set Aside Time To Be Offline. Spend time offline each day working in a different way, whether using a notepad and pen or reading something on paper.

Be Physically Active.Preferably outdoors and without your phone.

Limit Social Media Time.Put a time limit on the amount of time spent on social media each day.

Chill. Find something that relaxes you; meditation, taking a walk, listening to a soundscape are all ways to decompress.

While these actions may seem simple, it takes practice for them to become habits that are ingrained in your natural way of doing things. Instead of treating them like a "diet" think of them as being liberating.

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