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Appreciate Your People (Every Day)

Celebrate your team on Employee Appreciation Day (and every day of the year!)

As part of our Career Hacks series, we explore ways to use career hacking to boost your career.

As a leader or a team member it’s important than ever to express your appreciation to the people who are critical to your success. If people don’t feel valued and appreciated they are less likely to be engaged in their work. Studies have shown that people who are thanked at work are 50% less likely to be looking for a new position.

Employee Appreciation Day is on March 8 this year. People want their contributions to be recognized and appreciated. Here are some ways to show your gratitude and appreciate to your team.

Give individual as well as team appreciation

Even if someone is part of a bigger team, it’s important to give thanks individually. Instead of saying “you did a great job with that client” give a specific example of what the person did and how they did it. What was the impact of their work? Share some detail on why their actions were meaningful.

Understand what appreciation means to each person (and not what you yourself would prefer)

While you may prefer to receive appreciation in a certain way, it’s not a one size all fits. Some prefer to receive recognition in private vs. publically, for others a gift vs. a gift card is more meaningful.

Think about the type of appreciation that will resonate with the employee you want to show your appreciation. Is the person shy or outgoing? Do they like to be in the spotlight or prefer to work behind the scenes?

Career Growth

The Great Resignation is also known as the Great Reshuffle with employees leaving for greener pastures. With so many looking for a career change or a new challenge, it’s important to help grow their career aspirations or explore a new role within the company.

Invest in professional development through skill development, mentoring and coaching opportunities and be sure to let your employees know you support their career aspirations.

Begin planning your appreciation event today to be ready well in time for March 8.

This article is part of our Career Hacks series – develop a hacking (growth) mindset to boost your career!

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