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37 New Skills To Learn This Week

We love online learning at Arche- it's part of our "learn what you want, when you want it" philosophy.

That's why we're so excited to share these free online learning courses from LinkedIn Learning Each week presents an opportunity to learn new skills to help us navigate this unique moment in our lives and careers.

New courses now available on LinkedIn Learning are:

· Career Development

· Finance and Accounting

· HR

· Leadership and Management

· Sales

· Art and Design

· Audio and Music

· Photography and Video

· Networking and System Administration

· Programming Languages

Looking for more personalized career guidance? Our career mentors are experts at helping you create a job search strategy tailored to your skills. Contact us today!

You will gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.

This article is part of our Learning Moves; learn something new to grow your career.

Arche helps people architect, navigate and advance their career path with expert advice and tools to support your job search, interview preparation, professional branding, salary negotiations, and career advancement.

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