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3 Options For A Home Office Haven

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

by Katie Conroy

There are at least 38 million home-based businesses in the United States and many millions

more freelancers and contractors that work from home. The pandemic has boosted this number exponentially, and many of us that used to stick tight to the cubicle will remain remote for the foreseeable future. If you’ve never worked from home, here are three options to help you create the workspace of your dreams without sacrificing your personal space.

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Buy a new home.

Your first option is to purchase a new home with your business in mind. Start the process by talking to a real estate agent about your goals, including how you plan to run your business. Your agent can help you determine how much space you need and point you toward an area that won’t restrict working at home. Your agent will also work with you to figure out how much you can afford by calculating your income and expenses.

Renovate your existing space.

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a new home, but you have some money put aside for your business, renovating your existing space makes sense. You might, for example, put an addition on to your home to use as an office. Another idea would be to section off a large space, such as a basement or walk-in attic by building walls and running electricity to create new rooms. Something to keep in mind here is that you want to use a licensed contractor who will ensure that everything is built to code.

Make the best of what you have.

When money is tight, your final option is to make do with space you already have. The corner of your bedroom, the guest room, or even a large walk-in closet are all potential future home offices. A few remodeling ideas include soundproofing, adding a built-in desk, and upgrading the overhead lighting. One of your first priorities when choosing a space in your home is to ensure that it is distanced from your main living area. This will help discourage your family from walking in and out of your office while you try to work.

Work From Home Tips

Once you establish your workspace, there are still things you can do to make the experience

productive, efficient, and pleasant.

● Protect your home and personal assets by establishing an LLC. Many small

business owners/homeowners have found out the hard way that their personal assets

are not protected from the financial fallout of business closure, bankruptcy, or litigation.

Forming an LLC, which you can do online through a formation service that will guide you

through your state requirements, will separate your personal property from your


● Invest in your productivity. Launching your first at-home office is a game of trial and

error. But, one error you want to avoid is failing to have the equipment you need to get

the job done. At a minimum, you’ll want a desk, laptop, and office chair. When it comes

to new tech, you want new technology that will help you stay productive and efficient.

Set a schedule. When it comes to your workday, it’s important to set a schedule. Many

new home-based entrepreneurs get caught up in the freedom and convenience of a two-

minute commute. But, remember, you cannot work around the clock. Set hours for

yourself to work, but also prioritize time with your family. Otherwise, you’ll risk burnout

and may resent leaving the office.

Running a business from home is a great way to advance your career without the expense or overhead of a separate brick-and-mortar building. And you have plenty of options, from buying a new home to utilizing your existing space. Ultimately, what you choose is based on your budget and needs. Whatever your situation, make the most of it by protecting your assets, investing in productivity, and keeping your work and home life separate, even though they are together.

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