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14 Great Questions to Ask in an Interview

You did it! You got the job interview, so far so good. At some point the interviewer will ask the dreaded “what questions do you have for me question?” Prepare in advance so that you’re not struck dumb when the time comes. Check out our eGuide

Arche has put together a list of key questions for you to ask in an interview. This is your opportunity to show your interest and enthusiasm for the job and determine if it’s a good fit for you. Not asking the right questions could cost you the job or could land you a job that isn’t for you.

As you progress through the various steps in the hiring process it’s likely that you will have several interviews with different people along the way. This is your chance to get a 360-degree perspective on the job, the company, the team you’ll be working with and your prospective manager.

What Recruiters Want To Know

Recruiters are busy! The recruiter’s job is to source candidate resumes to present to the hiring manager. An initial interview with the recruiter will likely be by phone, think of it as a pre-qualifier. They want to hook you with an amazing job opportunity that they need to fill ASAP and make sure you’re qualified for the job.

Be ready to answer questions on your job history, salary requirements, potential relocation and career goals. More details on questions you are likely to be asked is covered in our eGuide “Questions You’ll Be Asked in an Interview”