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Our mentor coaches help you Live Your Dream aka to help you architect, navigate and advance your career path with expert advice and tools to support your job search, interview preparation, professional branding, salary negotiations, mentorship, leadership and career advancement.

You will gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.


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Connect via phone or video conference for a 45 minute session - ask a little or a lot - our coaches will give you step-by-step guidance.


Check out our amazing mentor coaches! Each one has multiple areas of expertise and has coached 1,000's of people to their dream career.

Our mentor coaches are subject-matter and industry experts, founders and entrepreneurs, career coaches, recruiters, HR, talent and learning professionals passionate about helping you fulfill your career aspirations.

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People + Talent Leader,

Career Coach

$75 per session



Career Mentor + Higher Ed Coach 

$90 per session 



Talent Leader + Career Coach

$145 per session

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Career Coach

$75 per session 


Career Mentoring and Coaching

Get the scoop - a 45 minute individual session with one of our mentor coaches.

  • Linked In Profile - show your best professional self.

  • Job Search Strategies - get the insider scoop.

  • Resume and Cover Letter - what recruiters are looking for.

  • Interviewing - it's all about presentation.

  • Internships - how to score that coveted internship.

  • Salary and Negotiations - find out what you should ask for and how to get it!

  • Networking - it's a must do!

  • Professional Branding - who are you?

  • Mentoring - get or be a mentor.

  • Career Growth - Live Your Dream.

  • Finances - plan ahead!

  • Managing a Team - it takes great people skills.

  • First Time Managers - learn new skills.

  • Leadership

  • Coaching a Team - don't tell, coach!

  • Career Fit - is it right for you?

  • Career Transitions - what's next and how to get it.

  • Freelancing - how to's and more!

  • Entrepreneurship - got a great idea, learn how to develop it.

  • Job Relocation - how to fit in to stand out!

  • Professional Development - learning and growing your career

  • Public Speaking & Presentations - lose the fear, be yourself! 

  • Work Life Balance - self care.


All our mentor coaches have real world experience helping people to fulfill their dreams.

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